Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Same Tune, Different Song

The other day Rett comes inside with Ben and declares that Ben is singing the ABC song. By singing I mean humming the tune. Ben is a man of few words. Then I declare that the other day I could have sworn he was humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. For a second I thought he had all this musical potential that we didn't know he had because who knows? He doesn't have our genes so music could be a possibility. A few days later we are sitting at dinner and Rett and I both realized that those songs have the exact same tune. We have been singing these songs for about 5 years and just put it all together this week. Are we that clueless? Does everyone else know this?

Also, we went to a birthday party last week and the boys got some whistle lips as a favor. We are fans.
Jake has been talking about his 5th birthday since he turned 4. I told him he wasn't allowed to talk about it until after Christmas. Well, it is after Christmas and we are talking about it ALL the time. He was convinced he was going to start kindergarten as soon as he turned 5. He was super disappointed he had to wait a few months. Me too, son. August 24...

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