Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One Time We Got Married

Today we have been married 9 years. I'm not sure why the people in charge of marrying people let us get married. We were kids. Maybe because the guy in charge of marrying us was my uncle and he thought it was time to get me married off. I will give you the short version of how we became the Rabes. The long version involves 2ish guys and a beauty queen who went on to be Miss Texas. Turns out I have a weird amount of mutual friends with one of the guys new wife on Facebook (Facebook kept telling me to be friends with a girl and when I finally clicked on her name my ex-boyfriend was staring back at me) which makes putting too many details 'out there' seem a tad personal. Anyway, we met playing extreme croquet at midnight at A&M our freshman year, dated a few months, went home for the summer and 1 of us came back to school with a significant other. We remained friends and neighbors until our senior year when we were both finally on the same page, dated a few months, were engaged a few months then got married and moved to Houston. No big celebration this year. Having a January wedding was nice since everyone else was getting married in the summer but we are always still recovering from Christmas. Next year, though, is the big 10. A trip is most definitely happening. Way back in 2006 there were no iPhones and I think Facebook was just getting popular so we don't have a ton of pictures that are not in a book.

We danced and stuck out our tongues...
We sawed varsity's horns off because when you get married immediately after graduating from Texas A&M that is what you do.
  We posed...
We laughed at my uncle's jokes...A few people have asked about my veil. It was my mom's and aunt's from way back in the day. They don't make them like that anymore and it matched the lace on my dress perfectly.
See my flowers? Not one rose. I had been to approximately 67 weddings the summer before our wedding and if I saw 1 more rose bouquet I was going to throw up. I told the florist I didn't want 1 rose in my wedding. She didn't understand. It was close to Valentine's day and roses were easy to find. I was seriously about to fire her if I heard the word 'rose' one more time.
Rett's Kyle Field cake was the star of the wedding. Seriously amazing. I forget how much it cost but the lady said she wouldn't do it again for less than $2000. People were asking my mom about it for months after the wedding.

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