Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Man Meals Monday

So, I'm not a Mexican food fan but I live in Houston so there is no way around it being a part of my life. Plus, the boys are serious Mexican eaters. For Jake's birthday he asks to go eat Mexican food. I had never even tasted an enchilada until a few years ago which, for a Houstonian, might as well be like saying you have never tasted coffee. Fun fact: I have never tasted coffee. It is an awesome topic when playing 'I Never.' All this to say that instead of walking across the street to pick up Mexican food, I have found a fajita recipe that even I will eat. Last night Jake ate 2 while I only ate 1. It is super easy as long as you remember to start marinating it around lunch time :). Tonight will be these drumsticks and zucchini chips. In a normal house of boys a messy dinner would be super fun. Jake on the other hand does not like getting dirty unless it is outside with actual dirt. Meal times in our house are actually super clean experiences considering the age of our kids. The motto at our table is 'why throw food when you can eat it?' It will be interesting to see how he eats the chicken tonight. Ben on the other hand will be a complete disaster. The last few summers my extended family has rented a house on Lake LBJ in Austin. We take turns cooking dinner. Well last year I made chicken pot pies but instead of doubling the recipe I think I quadrupled it. It was unreal. I think there is 1 left in the freezer that we will be eating towards the end of the week. I also have to restock the muffins for the boys school lunch since they start back this week.

Before we visited this house we knew it probably wasn't them but we thought they might be able to point us in the right direction. We were correct. We have a serious plan in the works so get excited.

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