Thursday, January 8, 2015

Honeymoon Advice

Anyone know how cold it was this morning? 30. For Houston this is a big deal.We were wearing shorts literally 3 days ago. Actually, Jake still is because, 'Mom, I'm never cold. I love the way the air feels on my skin.' So far he has survived...I don't do cold well. I wore my ski coat to the store last week when it was in the bright, yellow ski coat. Should have saved that dramatic move for this morning. Speaking of ski coats, want to know what is a bad idea? Having you husband of 1 day teach you to ski on your honeymoon. Not sure how he roped me into going skiing for the first time on my honeymoon. I was young and didn't know any better. Want to know where my first lesson was? College Station, TX. Does it snow there? Nope. Are there any mountains there? Nope. What they did have was Mt. Aggie - a big hill covered with cheap, fake snow. I dominated that mountain. I did not dominate Colorado. Skiing in January is stupid. At one point I had frozen tears and snot on my face under a mask that robbers wear. We came home a day early because I got altitude sickness. We went back in March and it was not near as dramatic. Then, we went again when I was 7ish months pregnant. It was fun since I wasn't expected to actually ski and wasn't cold because I had all that built in insulation. I just slept late, made lunches to bring to the group and walked around town while Rett and our friends skied. We are thinking about going to Alaska in a few months to visit some friends. I'm hoping there isn't actually snow there in the summer but I'm pretty sure that would be incorrect.

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  1. Yes, come see us! NO SNOW (in most areas) in the summer! Although there was some random snow May 31 last year. Hardly any snow right now too but way to cold - stick to summers. We miss you guys!