Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Friendly Warning

As stated previously, we had some pranksters get us a few months ago. They shoe polished Rett's car on a Saturday night. Amateurs...Wasn't a huge deal except what they drew was not appropriate for the church parking lot Sunday morning...or for a 4 year old who kept wanting to see the 'art.' I remember telling Rett, 'There is no way this was a church friend.' We forgot about it until a few weeks ago when a friend mentioned on Instagram a name of a group that apparently has done this before. The name matched the description of what was done to our car so we started narrowing it down to who we thought it was. We have a list of about 5 friends...all church friends. We picked one out before Christmas and will continue down our list until we figure out who it was. After talking with some friends this week, we know that some of you know who it is. The pranks will get bigger and if we know you know and don't tell us or give us a good enough hint you will be on the list. Seriously, people. Do you even know who you are dealing with?

Do you know how hard it is to find Halloween decoration 5 days before Christmas?
Thank God, for Amazon Prime 2 day shipping.

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