Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We Ran A Race

So, Rett and I ran the College Station half marathon on Sunday. This was my second and Rett's first. I did the Houston 1/2 about 5 years ago and this one was MUCH better. It was WAY more low-key with WAY less people. Running through the A&M campus made time go by much faster. You could park (for free) across the street and just walk to the starting line. My ideal time to run is at night when it is dark and no one can see me so the smaller a race the better. I stayed with Rett for the first 4 or 5 miles, then I could see him for the next 2 miles, then I saw him again when I finished. Training with 2 kids who are not in school is not super easy so much of the running was on a treadmill at the gym but it got the job done. Being rewarded with Double Dave's pizza rolls at the end made it all worth it. To celebrate not having to run so much anymore Rett and I worked out this morning together. He made me do a man workout. I'm more tired than I was after running.
The boys helped Rett stretch after the race.
Want to know why/how we got to work out together on a Wed. morning? Our gym offers free childcare and he is off work for 3 weeks. I have no idea how much vacation he gets each year but somehow he has 3 weeks he has to use before January. He is actually at a customer right now and still checks emails everyday so his definition of off and mine are totally different. When I had a job I was what you would call a minimal employee. I did what I needed to do and not much more. I was asked more than once if I wanted to get a promotion and I declined each time. That would require more work and I was just working because staying at home with no kids seemed a tad lazy. My paycheck was our savings account filler. Anyway, yesterday was his first day off and it was more active than a week of our normal 'pass time until dad gets home' activities. We went to Hershey Park which is one of my favorite parks in Houston when you have kids old enough to walk/run/bike/scoot. It follows the bayou for like 14 miles so when you need a break you can just walk down to the water and explore. We rolled/ran down hills, did some log sitting/walking and lots of scooting.
There are also bridges. If you are a 4 year old boy (or 32 year old man) you can practice your spitting.
I don't know what bedtime looks like at your house but this is what happens at our house. Every night.
This is what dinner looks like at our house. Concentration and domination.

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