Monday, December 22, 2014

We Like to Ruin Christmas for Children

Remember that time I told Jake that Santa wasn't real and not to tell his friends? Well, his need to be right and correct people who are wrong won over his need to obey his Mother and not ruin his friends Christmas. 
         Friends: Why are there presents under your tree? Santa hasn't come yet.
         Jake: Santa isn't real.
         Friends: Yes he is.
         Jake: No he isn't.
         Friends: Yes he is.
         Jake: My mom said he was not real.
         Friends: He is real.
I think they left thinking they were right and Jake was wrong. 1 of the boys is in first grade so I'm a tad surprised he still believes but that was near the top of awkward, I have no idea what to say moments.

You know what is good about our kids not believing in Santa? We can do Christmas at our house any day we want to. We are leaving town tomorrow so we did it this morning. We started with our annual pancake breakfast on the boys plates. This is the first time I have used them and Jake was a fan. I normally tend to think this type of stuff is corny and a waste so instead of buying Christmas/Santa plates I got these that I can use whenever I want. Instead of bacon we went with deer sausage because Jake thinks he is now a hunter because he went to the deer lease one time. If that were true that would make me a hunter because I have in fact been to the lease. We were engaged and I was young and didn't know any better. At least Jake shot a gun when he went.

We got Ben a bike thing and Jake got him some drums. I tried to talk Jake out of picking out the drums because they were hard to wrap but Jake assured me Ben would like them. He was 100% correct. Ben felt left out because everyone had a scooter but him so Rett gave him a ride.

We got Jake a new scooter and Ben got him some Legos. Christmas in Houston means you can test out your new ride in shorts.

Also, today while I was visiting my new niece at the hospital Rett took the boys to the park. He almost hit Barbara with a frisbee. They talked 3 times. Last week a black SUV was parked outside our house. There was a man just sitting there staring at the boys and I while we played. I was about 90% sure it was the government checking us out. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure if you write about a president on the Internet you are instantly on a watch list. Well, about 10 minutes later he got out to help a neighbor with her bags before he drove her to the airport. Close one.

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