Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa, Babies and Bikes

The other day at breakfast Jake asked if Santa was real and I told him it was too early for such a deep conversation and that we would talk about it later. Well, last night was later. I asked him if he thought he was real and he said no. I told him he was right but that it was the parent's job to tell kids about Santa, not his. He thought he should be the one to correct everyone because 'they need to know the truth.' I'm sorry if he outs Santa to your kids. I tried but since we are working on lying with Jake there is no way I was going to tell him otherwise.This conversation wasn't too bad since we hadn't ever told him Santa was real. Jake has never gotten presents from Santa. We acknowledged that there was a guy named Santa out there but that he was more like a super hero type person...a fun, nice, good guy but just pretend. 

As I was recovering from the Santa talk downstairs, Jake appeared. 
Me: What are you doing?
Jake: I can't sleep. My body feel weird. It is saying 'let's play.'
Me: I will pray for your body to be tired.
Jake: When will you have a baby in your stomach?
Me: Never again.
Jake: But I want to see how babies come out.
Me: A Dr. got a knife, cut you out and stuck a band-aid on it.
Jake: OK. Goodnight.

Somehow Rett was in the shower for both of these conversations.

Jake also learned to ride his bike without training wheels today. It took him longer to take the wheels off than to actually learn. He thinks he is about 10 years old now...
I also did a Pinterest this weekend. Actually 2 of them and they were both Lego related. First Legos for the car. It took me about 5 minutes. The other is a binder that holds all of the Lego instructions. We are up to 3 binders. I'm totally not a Pinterest person. When I see cool things on there I try to find out where I can buy it, not how to make it but I think I dominated these projects.

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  1. "A Dr. got a knife, cut you out and stuck a band-aid on it"??? If Jake hadn't just gone deer hunting, I'd think he might be scarred for life! Oh well.