Sunday, December 28, 2014

Man Meals Monday

So, I haven't cooked a ton in the last few weeks with all the Christmas festivities going on but now we are getting back on track. Tonight we had these pizzas. Seriously good and way easy. We did turkey pepperoni and pineapple/bacon. The next few days will include fish with carrots, chicken with broccoli and deer sausage skewers. There will also be Christmas candy thrown in because we somehow get candy at Christmas like it is Halloween. I literally just threw away Halloween candy last week.

We were in Edgewood all week with Rett's family. It is lots of country fun but we come back home needing like 3 naps. Ben slept until 9 the last 2 mornings.
Jake embraces country life 100%. He was shooting fence posts and milk jugs like he was Rett Rabe. In fact, he shot some posts that Rett missed...
Rabe Christmas was too much for Ben to handle.
Ben made it 1/2 mile before he fell asleep on the way home.
You are never too old to ride on Rett's shoulders. At one point last week he had a 10 year old boy up there.
Ben learned to say 'cheese'
Also, a few months ago someone shoe polished Rett's car. We are not sure who did it but had some ideas. We narrowed it down to a few people and just chose one to seek revenge on. We struck the night before we left town for Edgewood. Details to come...

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