Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Go Big or Go Home

Some families play games together. Others take walks together. The Rabes prank other families together. It started on a parents night out at our church. Rett and I ran out of things to do in the 4 hours they give you childcare so we picked a few families that happened to live close to the restaurant we had just eaten at and left surprises on their doorsteps. I think it was candy with a random bible verse attached so that maybe they would know it was a friend from church and not crazy, poison candy. This turned into shoe polishing cars (and front doors) and leading our small group to prank another small group while they were meeting...

This got serious really fast and I'm pretty sure it ended with a car chase through Meyerland. I was pregnant at the time and don't remember a ton of details. Anyway, our little circle of friends started to catch on and we couldn't continue doing these shenanigans in secret. We knew we had to step it up. We needed a bigger target than just the people in our Sunday School class. That is when we decided on our Pastor. We had never actually met him but after doing some recon work realized he lived pretty close to us. If our target was going to be big then the mission had to be big. Go big or go home. We didn't know how long this would last but we knew more than once. Rett came up with the name - Operation DoorMatte...because we would be leaving stuff on his doormat...and his last name is Matte...get it? We had a mission impossible font. 
We left it with the surprise each time. We picked a theme. We choose a bible verse (literally just searched for a verse that contained the word of our theme) so hopefully they would know it was fun, not creepy. That is how we show love - knocking on your door, leaving stuff and running away...for a year. We did the money theme and left money candy, a have fun with your spouse theme and left money for a Redbox movie and a bag of popcorn, an international theme leaving chips and salsa with the verse about spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, etc...We did this about 6 times. It was rarely planned. We would decide to do it while eating dinner then just go. Jake LOVED it. I was usually the getaway driver while Rett and Jake would go do the knocking. Finally, we decided we should reveal ourselves and by we I mean Rett. I was perfectly happy just stopping and moving on with our lives. The thought of outing ourselves to them was enough to make me hyperventilate. Rett was the opposite. So, the last 2 missions were a reveal process. It was Halloween so we gave them clues about us attached to a pumpkin. The last clue had something about what Jake would be wearing to First Fest and that Gregg had just interviewed my parents on stage before a sermon. While standing in line (with the parents he had just interviewed) for a bouncy slide guess who was in front of me? Yep. He saw me with my Peter Pan son and gave me a strange look. I froze. Then ran away. I tend to make awkward situations more awkward. His entire family caught up with us outside. Rett did most of the explaining while I took Jake on a train ride. 

The next level is obviously Obama but he lives too far away. The Bushes, however, live very close to us. Barbara exercises at our park...

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