Monday, November 10, 2014

Man Meals Monday with a Little Saturday Domination

We had a deer meat breakthrough last week. Rett shot a deer and brought the fresh tenderloin home. He found this recipe and it was amazing. We are going to try it again this week with some back strap that I will beat the mess out of to make it a tad more tender. Pretty sure this sauce would work with chicken or pork too. Also, on the menu this week is Lemon Chicken Breasts with our trusty Roasted Broccoli and Pork Schnitzel with Roasted Carrots. We have this chicken a lot and Ben is now spoiled. He will barely eat regular chicken. He needs him some lemon wine sauce.

On Saturday Jake had a race. About a year ago we started letting him run in the kids races when we had 5Ks. They are usually 1Ks or mile races. He is hooked. He loves the independence of running with the other kids and seeing us at the finish line. He has quite the shirt and number collection.
He was a little nervous at the starting line.
But he took off as soon as the man said 'go'. He finished faster than I thought. I was just standing along the course talking when I saw him sprinting around the corner. I didn't make it to the finish line for a picture. He was so excited he passed that girl. He has a serious strategy for passing people and making sure no one passes him...

They had a kids area that we played in while the actual 5K and 10K were going on. Jake transformed into a tiger.
Ben got a sword.
Speaking of Ben, I guess watching other people run makes him tired.

Even racing tigers need a nap every once in a while. 2 days later and his face still has red on it. Note to self...when your kid is singing in front of church the next day maybe lay off the face paint.

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  1. I never once considered that all those years of seeing you run Cross Country and Track would lead to my grandson running too! I am so proud of all of you!