Sunday, November 16, 2014

Man Meal Monday

Rett left for Pennsylvania this morning which means there won't be a ton of cooking until he gets back. When he does return, however, there will be the best roast chicken and chicken noodle soup ever. I've only made this particular chicken but it has way good reviews so I will go ahead and call it the best. Ina's soup is a tad easier but the Nelly's has more flavor. I actually combine Ina's chicken with the Neely's soup. I throw the leftover chicken into the soup that night and we eat it the next day. Leftover chicken isn't super good and this is the best way I've found to use it. My boys can eat them some chicken but an entire roast chicken is too much...even for them.

Speaking of Rett being gone, I taught our Sunday School class this morning. I think this is the 3rd time I've had to do it and I'm proud to say that I mastered the projector without help. After we teach the lesson there is a short video summarizing it along with a missions video. Rett is in charge of this. The other times I was alone I had to ask the head lady to come help turn the movie on. There might have been some guessing going on but I dominated that machine. Times have changed since I was in school and the process consisted of an on button and transparency sheet or a play button on a TV. And let me tell you about the activity. I wish I could take credit but the head people tell you exactly what to do. I did choose from the list provided though so maybe I should get all the credit. Let's just say it included graham crackers and icing that made band aids with the red icing representing blood. The boys were all over that. Then there were the 500 band aids that they used to make art on construction paper which led to the kids telling me about all of their wounds. Some used this time to do a show and tell. It was cute...

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