Thursday, November 6, 2014

It is Done

I am learning there is serious controversy in Christmas decorating time lines. Since I'm not a huge 'rule/tradition' follower ours is up (on November 4) and I feel like I can just sit back and enjoy the next 2 months. Plus, we have never been home the week of Christmas so I feel like I need a little extra time with the tree. I even bought the kids a few things for the stockings today. Speaking of stockings...
I've mentioned it before so I won't go into great detail but Rett's is still a work in progress...coming up on year 9. But don't worry. We have one to fill the void until it is completed. We had the traditional (maybe the only traditional thing we do in our house) decorate the tree dinner.
It was just awesome. The boys had 3 pancakes each. Not exactly sure how many Rett had but they were all gone when I went in the kitchen to do the dishes. We put Ben to bed (because 18 month olds are not super duper helpers in the handing small, breakable things department) and got started.
Jake was in charge of fixing the branches so there weren't any holes. Every time he fixed one he shouted 'hole bam'. The holes were finally all bamed out and now we have our tree. If you look hard (or not hard) you can see Ben was there in spirit.
Totally didn't mean to take the same picture but here are Rett and Jake last year. Pretty sure he is on track to level out at 9 feet tall.

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