Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Promise I'm His Mom

I've gotten a few assumptions about my relationship with Ben...the most common being that I'm his nanny/babysitter. This is understandable especially in our neighborhood when at least 1/2 the women at our park are nannies. I'm used to the questions and comments. What I'm not used to is almost getting the police called on me. We were at a park and I was just following Ben wherever he decided to go. After about 10 trips up and down a curb I was ready to move on. I picked him up and he screamed. This is normal 18 month old behavior. A lady came up to us and asked who I was. I said my name was Cindy and was a tad confused but since Ben was still screaming didn't think too much of it. I continued trying to get Ben to calm down and she continued to stand there staring at us. I started to walk off and she chased after me asking what I was doing. I finally looked at her and saw that her face was very almost terrified. I told her I was trying to calm him down and that maybe if he couldn't see the curb he would forget about it. She again asked who I was. I just stared at her and she asked if I was his babysitter. I told her I was his mom. She then informed me that she thought I was kidnapping him, that he was trying to get away and that she was about to call 911. As I was trying to assure her that I was his mom which led me to having to tell her our entire adoption story (she wanted details) another lady came up and said she had seen us there before (we tend to make an impression on people). I had no idea who this lady was but it worked. Close one...

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