Sunday, October 19, 2014

Walking Through Our Hood

We go on lots of walks. To the park, Walgreen, cleaners, restaurants, etc...Usually it consists of Rett and Jake on their scooters and me keeping Ben off the street or pushing him in the stroller. Since Rett is gone, today it was just the boys and I. A few years ago when we started exploring the neighborhood we found a random pond with fish. We are never prepared enough to have actual food for them so Jake just throw acorns at them. He also practices his ninja kicks across the water. I can't wait until he falls in. The walk highlight today was finding a butterfly that was 'dead with no face. Isn't that awesome mom?' Nope.
Everyone has pumpkins on their front porch. Like everyone. We play a game where Jake runs up and touches all of them before the owner hears him and comes out. So far, only 1 person has come out to see what all the ruckus was. 'Oh, don't worry Sir. It is just us. Picking up your decorations.' Since then Jake has been way quieter. Maybe this game only works in the country...or when people from the country live in the middle of a city and let their children run through strangers yards...
After our walk we found our neighbors Rocco and Jack and stopped to play. They had to go inside for dinner so we came home. They said they stand outside their house and yell Jake's name sometimes to see if he will come over. Jake sat outside to listen. 
Now Jake is watching Ninja Turtles and eating a salad. After pizza (because the turtles eat pizza) salad is one of his favorite foods. I wish I could take credit for that but I can't. He wanted a bite of mine a few years ago and has loved it ever since. He orders the salad bar at Jason's Deli and will get a side salad at restaurants if he is over chicken nuggets that day. Ben likes salad too. Still haven't found a food he doesn't like. Finally found Jake's - potatoes. He will eat fries but no other way. Ben is taking advantage of Jake being busy to pay with all his toys.

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