Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Mom Who Couldn't Slide

Last Saturday we went out to Blessington Farms. It is out in Simonton which isn't super close but was totally worth the drive. There are several of these types of places around Houston but this place is close to East Bernard where I grew up so I choose them for my berry picking and fall needs. Also, if we feel the need to detour to Vincek's AKA best BBQ/kolache place in America we are half way there :). Plus, I ran into a high school friend and her family. Usually, they have the best berries to pick but nothing is in season right now so we just did all the games.
Jake lassoed things
Jake would have done these pedal cars all day long. He remembered them from 2 years ago.
How you are supposed to do the slide
How I did the slide. Yes, I kicked that lady on my way down. Got a skinned elbow. It is cute.
We petted animals...
...and pumpkins
We got pulled by a tractor in some barrels
and done

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