Sunday, October 26, 2014

Man Meals Monday

Rett finally came home from Germany and I think he will be expecting food every night. It might not compare with dinner in a castle or whatever he was doing over there but here is what I came up with...Crispy Mustard Roasted Chicken with Roasted Asparagus. The chicken recipe is new but Ina dominates her some chicken so I have high hopes. This fried rice is way good. The boys eat it like candy. I'll also throw in some deer sausage skewers because deer season is upon next weekend...and our freezer that houses animals that Rett kills still has meat from last year. We've been married almost 9 years and I still can't keep up with all the animals. 

While Rett was gone the boys and I tried to stay busy. My parents are opening a second location of Cypress Assisted Living so we went to help assemble furniture. Jake's job was to move rocks from the driveway into the dumpster which he dominated so he got some money from my mom. His earnings gave him just what he needed for new Legos. He has been saving up for Ninja Turtle Legos and finally had enough. Ben's job was to play in empty boxes and eat crackers. He dominated too. We also had trunk or treat at the boys school. We came home with some serious candy. Pretty sure I have eaten more than Jake so far. He actually hasn't mentioned it yet. It is possible he forgot about it since he isn't a huge candy person. 

Our week in pictures...
Playing the touch your neighbor's decorations game again
We also washed our car. We go for the popcorn and guns...
Ben practiced his throwing skills
Sno cones rock our face off
Leonardo and Mario ready to party
Ben asking for more popcorn
Hanging with the neighborhood fireman

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