Monday, October 20, 2014

Man Meals Matching Monday

Rett left for Germany on Friday night and won't be back until Saturday so there won't be any cooking this week. So far we have had Chick-Fil-A, Jason's Deli and pizza biscuits. This consists of canned biscuits, pizza sauce and shredded cheese. That is the most complicated thing I will be making this week. I went to Academy the other day and got some Aggie shirts for the family. Seems like we should refresh the stash each year. All the adult sizes were too big so I found one I liked in the kids section. These shirts ran super big. I'm a kid's large. Once I got home and was cutting the tags off I realized I got Jake and I the same shirt. His a kid's medium. I guess I really liked that shirt.I looked at so many I didn't even pay attention when I threw them into the cart. So, if you see us walking down the street matching we really are not 'that family.' Except that Rett, Jake and I actually have 3 shirts that match from different 5K races we have all run together. The majority of the days you can find at least 2 of us matching if not all of us. It is only on purpose 5% of the time. And that is Jake's doing. Maybe we are becoming 'that family...' Speaking of Aggies, this kid appeared in my room at 6:30 am decked out...

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