Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Actually, You Do Look Big

Jake had a dentist appointment this morning. No big deal since he has been going for a few years. He wasn't scared but said he didn't want to go because he would rather play. Yep, me too son. I told him he could just watch the TV on the ceiling. He said that last time it was Frozen and that he hated that movie because it was a bunch of princesses so he closed his eyes the entire time. I assured him that 6 months later it wouldn't still be Frozen. I was wrong and Jake let me know it while we were checking out. Also, while I was sitting in the waiting room while Jake was back with the dentist I heard a scream. A crazy scream. It sounded like the kid was getting his head sawed off. The lady next to me said it was her son...getting his teeth cleaned. Well, OK.

Jake: Happy Birthday Mom. How old are you?
Me: 32
Jake: You don't look that tall.
Me: Thanks?
Jake: Actually, you do.

Learning to use the guns

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