Monday, September 22, 2014

Man Meals Monday

The cooking is finally getting back to normal around here. We had several people bring us dinner while I was out of commission and while it was all way good Rett has suggested we try and have a healthy dinner week. This fish dish is super good and super easy. The boys love it...especially Ben. We have these zucchini chips pretty regularly but this week I'll use yellow squash instead because sometimes it is fun to live on the edge. I have never tried a wheatberry salad but I keep seeing chefs on Food Network make it so I thought I would try it out. Seems easy enough and Ina never disappoints. We will have biscuits this night too just in case it is a bust. I made these skewers a few weeks ago and they were a HUGE hit. Rett made them for the boys while I was in the hospital last week and there was not 1 piece leftover. Since we use deer sausage it is actually pretty healthy. Plus, we grill it which means I don't have to do anything :).

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