Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Legos, Messes and Mean Kids

So, no Man Meals Monday this week. At Jake's request we are having sliders tonight and pancakes later on in the week. I also had to replenish the zucchini muffin supply today.

The boys and I went to Target today to get some supplies to make some more homeless bags for the car. My favorite part of giving the bags out is Jake yelling out of his window, 'Hey man!.' Then he throws the bag at the man if he doesn't come fast enough. He says he wants to make sure the man gets the bag before the light turns green. Anyway, every time we go to Target Jake wants to push the buttons on all the toys. He has finally stopped asking to buy something every time and is content with just touching.
Jake was never the kid that got into stuff. He didn't open cabinets just for fun. He didn't dump toys out. He got 1 toy and when he was done got another. Ben, on the other hand, is 'that kid'.
He messes up Jake's room every night. Jake cleans it up every night.
We went to the Galleria yesterday and made a stop at the playground. A random kid whose mom had been yelling at him the entire time pushed Jake off a building. Of course his mom didn't see. I yelled at boy. He told me to talk to his mom. I told him that his mom didn't push my son that he did so I would talk to him. I almost pushed him off a building.
Ben likes slides
It is all about the Legos around here. Jake just sees them at a store and almost passes out from excitement. Somehow for Ben's adoption day Jake got a present. I guess that is what grandparents are for cause his parents sure didn't get him anything.
Serious Concentration
Finished Product


  1. I have SO been there with the kids pushing people down when the parents aren't looking. This post made me laugh. ALL my kids are the take everything out and leave everything everywhere kids. Our house = disaster. All. The. Time. Except when the two youngers have preschool. Then it's clean til they get home. :)