Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ikea or Jail?

I have been in the hospital since last Friday. Tomorrow will make it 1 week. I have decided a hospital stay is very similar to jail. Or Ikea. I went to Ikea once to see what all the fuss was about since it is like 5 minutes from my house. I left thinking I almost had a panic attack. Me, the most stress free/nondramatic person almost had a panic attack. In a cheap furniture store. When I got out I thought, 'this must be what prisoners feel like when they get out of jail.' I will never go back to Ikea. I might not voluntarily go back to a hospital either. Once they get you in they just won't let you out. I have felt 100% normal the last 2 days and am getting out tomorrow...supposedly. I think the person I share a wall with feels the same way. I hear lots of banging around and I keep waiting for a man to appear in a hole in my wall and ask me for help digging an escape route. You know, like in The Count of Monte Cristo. Then we will be friends and he will die and I will get thrown out the window and make my escape to the mall next door. You know how bored I've been? I started watching Aggie football hype videos. I'm no sports lover but I do love me some Aggies. Apparently my heart rate got too high and the nurse came in to ask if I was OK. I had to explain. Also, when my Doctor came in and asked what music I was listening to I was too embarrassed to say Hanson so I said something about Rett's workout playlist and I didn't know the song.

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