Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hospital Nonsense

So, I'm in the hospital from having a little surgery. I should have been home yesterday but I got a touch of pneumonia so I'm here a few more days. Here a few interesting conversations/quotes I've heard so far.

Surgeon walks in...
Rett: Dude, I love that shirt. Where did you get it?
Surgeon: Dude, actually a really cool place a friend told me about in London...
Then he tells Rett all about the short store and Rett emails himself all the info. I have a feeling we will be getting clothes in the mail from more than just my stores in a few weeks...

Surgeon to Rett:
'Well, I wouldn't have a make out session in ICU or anything. You don't want to be those people.'

My mom asks Rett to make a grocery list for her to take the boys shopping:
Rett: 'Um, how exactly do you do that?'

In his defense he hasn't made one in almost 9 years since college...

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