Thursday, September 18, 2014


Remember that really cool shirt store my surgeon told Rett about? Well, when I got home and got the mail the store had sent us a catalog. I asked Rett if he had gone to their website or ordered anything and he said he hadn't yet. Either the Dr. wants to hang out with us cause we are super cool and put us on a mailing list or the internet saw the email Rett sent himself about the store. Creepy. I actually looked through the catalog and they do have some nice shirts. Rett told me he wants to be friends with the Dr. I vetoed that little idea. I have a strict doctors are not friends policy. Tad to personal.

Speaking of creepy things, Jake is into bugs these days. Last night after church Jake brought like 5 worms inside the house. He said he was rescuing them from the snails. I told him to take them outside because they were crawling everywhere. Then he freaked out. He thought they were dead. He was rescuing dead worms from snails. When he was putting them outside in the dirt he stepped on a stick and screamed. He thought it was a snake. Then upstairs he kept asking if he had a worm on his back. He gets that from me.

In non-creepy news, our adoption date is 9/24. Get excited.

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