Tuesday, September 2, 2014

6 Hours Later...

Finally got the new car. After much online research and many spreadsheet situations we had it narrowed down to the Honda Pilot. I gave in and went with the SUV. It is SO much smoother than my 4 Runner and the CD player works. That was my criteria...smooth ride and a working CD player. A plus is that I can actually charge my phone. In 2001 there were no i phones which means no USB. Also, back up cameras. I had no idea what I was missing all these years. We are done with adding kids to the family but the 3rd row option will be nice when the in-laws are in town. We usually have to take 2 cars.

We left the house at 8:30 am. Got to the first dealership and Rett got them down to a pretty good price but of course Rett was not going to settle for the first car of the day. So, off to dealership #2. It was a bust but since it was still early we headed to dealership #3. We decided on the car and then the negotiating began. I decided the boys needed watching (even though they were perfectly fine) so I walked off. I just can't handle the money talk. I just pay what is asked. Rett asks for discounts at Dillard's. Yep. And guess what? Sometimes it works. It is embarrassing and I refuse to be present but it works. Well, while the money talk continued I moved farther and farther away. So far that I met a new family that is going through the same adoption/foster agency we are. They had 3 boys that kept my boys busy. After I answered all her questions about what to expect once they get their kid she asks what kind of car we were getting. I tell her. She says 'us too!' Oh yeah? Which one? The maroon one. Oh cool...us too...Rett calls me over to tell me we got it. For like 5K less that they were asking and do I really want it before he signs papers. Yes but we are stealing it from the other adoption family. Rett needs a yes or no answer. It's not personal, it's business. I said yes and went to find my children. Of course they were with my new friend. Her husband comes over to tell her the car was sold. I said I was sorry but surely there were more. I told them about the one we saw earlier at the other dealership and told them the price they were going to give us. They were about to leave to go get it when their salesman found them an even better one. I told them what we were paying for ours. Their salesman said there was no way we got it that cheap. I confirmed the price. They got a good deal too :).
Chillaxin with some free popcorn
We finally got a car!
Jake asked if when he was 16 he could borrow my car to go buy a RV.

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