Friday, August 8, 2014

Trip Thursday

So, yesterday the boys and I decided to go on a little downtown adventure. The only plan we had was to go to the top of the Chase building to see a good view of Houston. We found a parking garage and parked on the 6th floor only to learn that the elevator was broken. We pushed the stroller down the ramp. The whole way down Jake kept saying, 'Mom, I'm trying to stay with y'all but the ramp keeps making me run.' If I had been the 4 year old in this situation I would have taken off and ran down the whole garage. Luckily, my son is smarter than I was and stuck with me. It is the difference in country kids and city kids. We were kind of raised in barns. We found the Chase Building and made our way up to the 60th floor. It was a great view and a good place for Ben to get out of the stroller and walk around until our next stop.
Outside the Chase Building enjoying some art
The View
Next we went outside and while Jake played in a fountain (surrounded by smoking suit people) I saw that a train station was a few blocks away so off we went. Once on the nicely air-conditioned train I asked Jake where we should get off. We talked about the zoo but it was way too hot and we didn't have our swimsuits for the splash pad so to the museum district we went. 
Train Ride
We got off and decided on the Children's Museum. Probably won't go again with a 1 (or 2 year old) but Jake had a blast. We played and climbed until Ben couldn't take it anymore.
Jake Climbing
Ben playing and 'singing'
A tad happier
Luckily, I forgot where our garage was and by luckily I mean it was hot as heck and everyone and their dog was walking around going to lunch and I was the crazy lady with 2 kids stopping every block to look at my map because Jake locked my phone and I can't figure out how to make the screen turn when I turn the phone. When we finally got there I remembered the elevator was broken and we would have to walk up the the 6th floor. I was this close to leaving Jake at the bottom and praying the entire way up that he was still there once I drove back down to get him. Praise God the elevator was working and we rode our way up to our not too hot car. Worth the entire $9 parking fee.

Also, this is called 'Trip Thursday'. Doesn't really mean we will go on a trip every Thursday but we do usually go somewhere fun at least once a week. I will just try and write about it on Thursdays because alliteration.

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  1. That's awesome! You are very brave to do all that alone with 2 kids in Houston.