Monday, August 11, 2014

Time To Say Goodbye

We don't have a ton of rules in our house but a very serious rule is you drive your car until it dies. Problem with this is that when you have a mechanic father-in-law who taught his son everything he knows so he can fix your car for super cheap is your car never dies. I have had a 2001 4-Runner since 2005. It is 2014. The only majorish thing I have had to do is get an occasional new battery because I leave lights on. Now, don't get me wrong I am way grateful for having a paid for car for 9 years but when your husband buys 2 cars since you have been married it makes you want to shop for your own. He has gotten to use 2 car funds. I told him I didn't care what happened to the car he has now, I'm getting the current car fund. Well, it looks like I'm getting my wish. My car started making noises. I thought I was hearing things because I had just talked to some friends about wanting a new car so I made Jake listen. He confirmed. Rett checked it out and decided it wasn't worth fixing and it was time. This process could go 1 of 2 ways. The first time we bought a car together we had been married a good 4 months. Rett is frugal (times 10 way back then) and will shop for months to get the best deal. It is a game for him. I, on other hand, run away when the negotiating starts and meet him once it is all over. I told him to hurry and pick a car. He said no. We fought. Turns out he got an amazing deal because he didn't listen to me. My first lesson of submission and pretty sure I have not pushed him since. Great outcome, horrible experience. The second time I barely even looked with him since it was for him and someone had to watch the kids while he test drove and honestly I didn't care. Great outcome, great experience. This time I have to actually be involved since it is for me. We looked for cars tonight so we could figure out what we want before he leaves for Montana on Wed. so when he gets back we can pull the trigger. I could make the decision today if needed. Rett came home and there was a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet. If you know us at all you know this is nuts. We don't even have a budget much less spreadsheets. We are not detail-oriented, planning people. If my car was not about to leave me stranded somewhere this could take months. Luckily, I see a sense of urgency in Rett's eyes that I think will keep my rushing in check and make this a pleasurable experience. He even told me to move the money over from saving to checking so it is ready. Get excited.

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