Monday, August 11, 2014

Man Meals Monday

Rett is leaving town on Wednesday for a 7 day mission trip to Montana so there won't be a ton of cooking while he is gone but I did come up with a few good ones before he leaves. So the breakfast burritos are really just for him and maybe Jake but he is really serious about having a banana, Greek yogurt, milk and maybe some sausage because we have an entire freezer dedicated to all the animals Rett kills and 1 of those animals is deer and a man turns it into sausage...maybe for lunch. I don't usually make and freeze food. I actually enjoy cooking each night and it just tastes better fresh but Rett is always looking for fast things before work so I thought I would try and make these for him to grab. I don't like Mexican. I mean, I will go because in Houston everyone always wants it and there is a Mexican restaurant on every corner. We can actually walk to at least 2 that I can think of. If I said it out loud I might get stabbed. But I would never choose it so I can't say that these are good and Rett likes everything so who knows. The Chicken Piccata and Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas on the other hand is amazing. Like crazy good. My boys scarf it down. I have not actually tried the Triple Pork Sliders yet but I'm pretty sure they will be a hit too. How can you go wrong with tons of pork on some bread? With the sliders we are having onion rings and these are SO good. You might notice that most of these are Ina Garten's. Yeah, she is my favorite. I've been to the northeast 3 times and next time I'm headed for her 'hood. I don't limit my stalking of celebrities to just Houston furniture giants.

In case you are wondering what you do on a mission trip to Montana let me show you.
You work to build your tent
When you finish you get a tee pee...that you sleep in
So yeah, I don't go on this particular trip. My mom actually does go which must mean it is a great trip since her idea of camping is staying at a Holiday Inn vs. The Hilton. They camp out on an Indian Reservation. I contribute by taking care of the kids at home. My mission trip this year was to New York City. I did sleep in a bunk bed but I might have had it a tad better...

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