Sunday, August 10, 2014

Doggy Domination

The other day my son told me he wanted to hunt for alligators. Well, that isn't really possible where we live but you know where it was possible? On the street I grew up on. Like next door. At the end of the my street was a lake full of alligators. My neighbor was an alligator hunter. One morning there was a huge alligator hanging from a truck in their driveway. It still had blood dripping off. I think it ended up setting a record for the state of Texas. So we looked at it and took pictures. Then we went to church.

Speaking of alligators, we had a dog named Fluffy. He followed us around everywhere we went which usually meant the woods and the alligator infested lake. It is a miracle we survived into adulthood. Well one time while my brother was fishing and Fluffy was swimming around an alligator appeared. Mouth wide open headed for our dog. My brother ran. He heard splashing. I'm pretty sure there were tears. Then Fluffy appeared. It is a miracle he survived into dog adulthood. My mom ran him over a few years later but he sure did dominate that alligator.

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  1. Unbelievably, this is a true story. The alligator set the state record for the longest alligator caught in a privately owned lake and was about 14' long.