Friday, August 8, 2014

Country Doctors

Rett: Why are you laughing?
Cindy: You know how I just tried to scare you? Well, when I was little my Dr. would throw the door open and say 'boo...did I scare you?' One time my cousin was holding a cup with his 'sample' and was scared and I'm not positive of the details but I think it ended up on him.
Rett: My Dr. had a sign in the bathroom that said 'if you sprinkle while you tinkle be a body and clean the potty.'
Cindy: Does that even rhyme?
Rett: Well yeah, bo and po...
Cindy: Rhyming is the end of a word not the beginning
Rett: It was just a sign.

And then we went to sleep.

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