Friday, August 1, 2014

Bakery Buns

So, I started a blog again. I had one for a few years but took it down once we became foster parents. They have all kind of privacy rules and I didn't want to accidently break one cause I break enough CPS rules without even trying. Well, we are almost done being foster parents and about to be adoptive parents so then maybe I can be a tad more open about that. But for now, I got a little story for you Ags...

While standing in a bakery at 11am on a Friday morning waiting for my bread loaf to be sliced a woman walks in. She has on the tightest, shortest, dress I have ever seen in real life. Her bottom was BARELY covered. I noticed it but honestly it didn't really bother me...until my 4 year old said (loudly), 'Mom, I think that lady forgot her pants at home.' I tried not to laugh and didn't shush him. He was just saying what everyone else was thinking. You don't wear that and not expect attention. I told him we would talk about it in the car, grabbed my bread and left. He didn't bring it up and neither did I. But the whole way home I thought, 'Thanks lady. Now my son has your sexy image in his head.' Someone commented that I was raising him right. Well, thanks but no we have not had the 'girls sometimes dress inappropriately' talk yet. It doesn't take a genius to know you should cover all your parts when you leave the house. Don't even get me started about what girls his age are wearing to the pool this summer. I know I can't hide his eyes forever but it never occurred to me to blindfold him while buying bread.

So, that is all. I promise I'm not usually so deep. And by usually I mean never.

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